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The Secrets to Sleeping Well


Back pain is directly related to the position of the body when sleeping. Not only will it result to back pain but incomplete sleep could lead to other problems in the body, mind and could also affect our mental being. The position in relation to the disposal of the body will bring better sleep and rest that could generate natural health benefits.

aboutworkingmemoryYour bad sleeping position is bad for you and has consequences throughout your body that affects your spine, the one organ that coordinates all functions and organs of your entire system.

Some positions will help you sleep and reduce the discomfort of some diseases.

  • The best position to sleep is on your side with a pillow between your legs and another under the collar.
  • If you have back pain and sleeps upside down, put a pillow under your abdomen.
  • If you snore at night, do not sleep with your mouth upwards, go to sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs.
  • If you like sleeping on your back put a pillow under your knees and your neck.
  • If you suffer from swollen feet and legs, it is recommended that you place a large pillow under your legs and feet to reduce inflammation.
  • If you suffer from reflux, put a big pillow under your back and head, to adopt a semi sitting and semilying position. And avoid going to bed right after dinner.
  • If you are prone to tingling, do not sleep face down with your arms under the pillow.
  • If you are going through any respiratory illness, use a pillow that is higherthan normal.
  • If you have low back pain or sciatica, put a pillow under your knees to reduce stress on the lumbar vertebrae. This position is also recommended for pregnant women, especially during the last months of pregnancy.
  • If you have a bad back or cervical osteoarthritis, sleeping with a cushion-shaped oriental roller or with a cervical pillow will help.

Sleep is perhaps one of the most effective remedies and the least used.

If a person is thinking about doing intense exercise to burn fat and lose a few pounds but fails to see results, maybe one of the problems is that due to not sleeping enough hours or not deep enough sleep.


Also if someone wants to gain some muscle mass to get a better tone of the body nut does not see results after a few weeks,then you must verify the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Your sleep’s characteristics vary from person to person. For example, each sleeping position which is usually only despite generally known positions. Morphological differences or the ratios between the arms and legs in relation to the torso, your flexibility, your injuries and characteristics of certain jointsand even psychological, according to some research;can make your position more or less unique.
train-your-brainThere is perhaps nothing wrong with sleeping position if youare comfortable and if your position does not restrict you from moving freely and breathing. Yet, according to several studies, lots of people sleep on their sides.

What is the significance of this? Well, lots of people suffer from lower back pain and your sleeping position irritates the area. You may experience while working in a gym that most people aged 35 years and over experiences back discomfort. A lot of people came with hernias or some degrees of product failure or injury from traffic accidents and in the workplace. Actually, most likely many of these injuries could have been prevented even through the situation that gave rise if they knew certain principles. Many sleeping positions cause compression to the articular disc in the lumbar area. When the disc is squeezed, it will irritate the nerve and the result will be a terrible morning pain, tensed muscles and immobility.

The best solution for anyone is to find a position that you are comfortable where you wake up with our pain of some sort. Your posture when sleeping can greatly affect the depth of your sleep which can, in return, give you all the good benefits when you wake up.