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Body Building for Beginners

Goals and motivation

muscle-buildingIt’s good that you decided to be more healthy and fit by weight training to build your mass, strengthen your tummy or to decrease those bulging parts. Everything is possible with strength training as long you motivated the right way.

However, before you start exercising, you should be decided already on your goals and realize what your motivations are. A lot of beginners sign up at the gym to train weights that are highly motivated but loses interest after a couple of months. The key is to set out realistic goals that you want to achieve over a period of time before you step foot in the gym. Doing so will save yourself the disappointment when your goals were not achieved.

Determine how much hours a week you can spare to train without being loaded at all. You should be highly motivated and fired up for success, then note a sufficient recovery time between workouts. Train every day is counter – productive! Then your body has too little recovery period and the muscles cannot grow optimally.

Be positive and believe that you can achieve your goals but beware of too great expectations. The initial successes come quickly when the muscles are tightened and look fuller. But that is mostly already existing muscles which was raised from their “slumber”. Hand build muscle is a slow process and also depends on age, gender and genetics. For this purpose, it is sometimes more and sometimes less to prove patience and persistence.

Imagine if you to snap judgments as to whether or not you want to work out now. Maybe you’re too impatient, but success will not happen overnight. Give your training and work out at least three months to see if it is effective for you before you change your entire work out. Consistency and persistence are qualities that should bring any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast.

The first steps … a clean exercise execution

lean-muscle-xThe first step is to learn to perform the exercises cleanly done best with the help of a trainer! The clean design of the exercises is basic requirement for effective and healthy exercise. Too often, it is observed that even beginners usually with heavy weights perform jerky movements and movement executions are not clean at all. An incorrectly performed exercise with high weight increases the risk of injury multiple times. When muscle training, you should not only train with machines but also with free weights. Exercising with free weights benefits more muscle fibers than exercising with machines. The basic exercises such as squats and barbell rows are still among the most effective methods to build muscle.

In this initial phase of a few weeks will teach to you know your body better and discover muscles that you have not known yet. During this time you should exercise your whole body and make no more than 3 sets per muscle with light weight then slowly and deliberately execute each exercise correctly.