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Healthy Habits in Houston Texas

I’m sure the first place to come up in your mind when you think about Healthy places is not Texas. Houston is has not been regarded in the past as a healthy city. Austin, Texas is the center for healthy being-ness in the entire state, as far as food, life style and social activities around these type of conscious health minded perspectives go. What can Texas’s largest city do about this ?

A sprawled kind of town,Houston is pulled out to cover a very large area that is home to over 2 million people. Unfortunately, this large city is also home to some large folk. Between 2001 and 2003, Houston was ranked first in Men’s Health magazines list of fattest cities in the country. And even after the city’s loss from the top of the mound of obesity, Houston was still ranked among the top 10 thickly thick towns through 2004 – 2009 and it reclaimed its spot as head honcho again in 2013. Everything is possible, and when there is a will there is a way, regardless of the nature of this burrito and comfort food loving city.

Exercise before excess

Houston’s urban planning and setup make it one of America’s most dependent on car cities, cuz its big and stuff. However, Houston has offered to its denizens more hundreds of miles of bike lanes, throughout the majority of city. Using common sense and good judgement, like adequate hydration and good timing and a great attitude and desire for health: biking in Houston will serve multiple functions: exercise and transportation.

Trails are also abundant in Houston. There are plenty of walking and running to be done about town. The city gives a lot of green to residents as well, it holds two of the largest parks in the country and thousands of acres of unadulterated land. Cullen Park is on the city’s far West side. Cullen boasts lengthy trails ,dense foliage, some darn nice trees on top of great scenery.

Probably the champion of public green space in town is Memorial Park: a massive space. A hop skip and a jump from Galleria District, Memorial Park gives easy access to the cities public pool and miles of running and biking trails; which makes it a hot spot for running enthusiasts.Houstons’ parks and rec department offer fitness facilities as well for public use. This includes the traditional gym stuff, weights and cardio machines, a great alternative for outdoor activities.

Shopping and Eating Healthy

Need somewhere to get reliable healthy food, of course Whole Foods stores always is an option, but what about local business? Thank goodness Houston has a nice assortment of grocery stores geared toward being health-conscious. Central City Co-OP , located in Montrose is a solid choice for organic groceries and good food.(Want to visit, check out the Montrose Loft Rental pros ULR) The co-op does mandate a membership but you can shop for free the first go around, so get to it and start eating better ! Another option is Urban Harvest Farmers Market, the biggest farmers market in Houston. These are running wednesday through sunday all over the city.

A great place to get prepared food geared toward the more discerning health choices, Ruggles Green has some awesome food choices. First of all, its all local and organic: SCORE. Next up, they are the only certified Green restaurant in Houston, they are flexible and delicious.

Just like any other city it has it’s good and bad attributes. But all in all, it is a pretty sweet place to live. Want to come visit or even move to Houston, check out unique Houston lofts at Urban Leasing Realty.