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What you Should Look for in a Personal Trainer

Once you join a gym, you get offers of personal training. It may be part of their overall sales plan but you could also benefit if you get one.


Do you really need a coach? If your answer is YES then you should really know what you are looking for in a trainer.

People look for different things in their trainers based on their goals and plans. Some are looking to make significant gains in fitness; others are just beginner who needs instruction for basic skills, or you like to have someone to walk around the gym with and make small talk. All of those are legitimate uses for a coach, but depending on your trainer, they may have other ideas.

You are solely responsible. You are the one who pays for the services, so that you get to choose what you want them to do. If they have other ideas, you either listen or get another trainer who is best suited to your needs and desires. Any trainer that you use must be certified by a recognized type of organization.

Know what your goals are when you talk to a coach. Want to be more muscular or do you want to lose body fat? Are you looking for different exercises to challenge your body or do you want to learn something more specific? Trainers specialize in certain areas so you definitely want to know they are a good fit for you. What is their style? Is he casual and more of a guide or will he drill you like a Sergeant? Some people really want someone to drive them hard, others like a soft “I’m your friend approach.” Where do you fall on this scale?



If you are a stranger to how you should be eating in a healthy manner then a nutritional analysis at might be the right thing for you. They will be able to help to find out if the food you are eating is good or if you need to make changes.

Some trainers will do training sessions at home, while others work in fitness facilities. Some also have more dietary knowledge, while others do not. The diet is a huge part of any regiment fitness, so make sure you have it covered somehow, perhaps with the online search, magazines or books. And that brings us to the last point.

Do you really need a coach at all? 

Diet-weight-lossMaybe you do and maybe you do not. Trainers can help you learn about fitness. They can help you with accountability. They can help you make progress when you hit a plateau. They can be a babysitter and if this is what you need. But you can learn a lot on your own. You can have a virtual trainer with buying DVDs or registering to websites. You can get a huge amount of knowledge by simply buying and reading Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Modern Body Building, or you might just need the support offered by a fitness trainer.

Fitness is very personal so make sure you do your homework and know what your goals are and how you want to achieve them. More importantly be persistent and you arrive will arrive to your goals in no time at all.

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