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Insect Bites When Camping

When you plan to go camping, one thing you should anticipate are bug bites in the camp site. While some Bugs are harmless and others are quite annoying, a few are simply nasty. Most people hate insects and are allergic to stings.

Camping_by_Barriere_Lake,_British_Columbia_-_20040801Mosquitoes are probably the most common insects that many campers encounter. Their bites sometimes sting that can cause severe itching and discomfort for some people as a result of allergy. Under such circumstances, these people are advised to visit a doctor immediately.

So it is important to keep away from being bitten by Mosquitoes.

Campers can use a repellent containing DEET which is a common active ingredient in mosquito repellents. It could also help put a camp in a windy enough location. At night, making a camp fire can help keep mosquitoes away but a repellant must still be used. If a camper feels the need to walk, it is advisable to wear brightly colored clothing rather than dark clothing as mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors. Mosquito nets are also effective head to keep mosquitoes away from your face when you sleep assuming that there are no holes in the nets.

Black flies, which are also called horseflies, are other insects detested by campers. They have a particularly painful bite. However, DEET has not proven effective against them. The best prevention is to shelter a tent with a camping screen. These insects can also be removed with a flyswatter.

When camping, among insects that should be avoided are ticks. This is not because of their sting but because of the many serious diseases that have the potential to be carried by them. Ticks are known carriers of diseases such as Lyme disease especially in the United States. In the western regions, the ticks carry a disease called Colorado tick fever or the fever of the Rocky Mountains that could give you a very nasty fever.

Ticks are more common during the spring and early summer when the vegetation becomes green in the woods where people love camping. It is important not to come into direct contact with the thick brush on the mountains. Also avoid areas with tall grass.

camp fireHikers should check themselves thoroughly after the walk.

It’s a good idea to make sure you do not have to ticks sticking on your clothing or your skin. However, they can easily be removed by tweezers. But if you have been on the skin for an extended period of time, a doctor should be consulted. Do not use nail polish, alcohol or petroleum products to remove them as they tend to worsen the situation.

Before you go camping, one must be aware of the insects that he or she is allergic. This is because research has shown that more people have died from wasp and bee stings than from the attacks of other insects. One should make sure to take your allergy medication before leaving the house to go camping. The risks of the bite may not be very high, but the long period of time spent hiking may aggravate the situation.

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