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Health Benefits from Playing League of Legends

Am I crazy for associating your health to League of Legends? Perhaps. However, instead of just thinking video games are a devil, why don’t we try looking at the health benefits that a game like League of Legends provides?

For surgeons, league of legends is excellent because it improves their precision. Having to click on a specific part of the map while playing will drastically improve a surgeon’s surgical performance. Again, you probably think I’m crazy. Well, in a study, surgeons who played League of Legends performed the surgery 27% faster and had 37% less errors. Beat that!

If you’ve had a horrible day at work, the last thing you want to do is come home and just dwell on a terrible work day. Instead, playing League of Legends will help you relieve some stress. In fact, gaming is proven to reduce stress levels by 17%.

You’ll also become a better multi-tasker if you play League of Legends. Anyone who has played that game knows that you must be able to pay attention to about 6 things at once. If you are able to do that playing LoL, imagine how you can apply your newly found ability in real life situations.

Finally, your response time. League of Legends is no joke when it comes to reaction time. If you’ve watched some of the professional Chinese players, they are able to click their mouse like crazy and it’s a beautiful thing to watch them move around the map. League will easily help you improve your reaction time. In fact, when conducting a study from the professional boosters of, their gamers were able to react 32% faster when having to touch a dot on a computer screen than the average person. Why did we use professional elo boosters for that? Simple, they are the best league of legends players around and play for hours a day.

So next time you make fun of a gamer for playing too much, remember all of the things they are improving on that you’re not!