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Breast Augmentation
Breast Enlargement

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Things to Consider Before Undergoing Breast Augmentation Surgery

breat surgeryBreast augmentation surgery basically involves the use of breast implants or fat commonly known as the fat-transfer breast augmentation, to enhance the breast size or restore their volume, which has been lost after pregnancy or weight loss. Breast implants can also be used for reconstruction of breasts after an injury or mastectomy. In clinical terms, it’s known as augmentation mammaplasty.

Breast augmentation can lead to an increase of the breasts’ projection and fullness. It can also improve self-confidence and self-image as well as to enhance the balance of your figure. For instance, in Las Vegas, breast augmentation has been one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. A few women opt for this procedure, especially after breastfeeding or pregnancy, while others choose it to improve a naturally sizeable bust. However, before undergoing this particular surgery procedure, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind. These include:

Which Type Of Implant Is Right For You?

It’s important to consult your cosmetic surgeon to advise you on the right kind of implant for you. This must be after the surgeon has fully determined that you qualify for a breast augmentation. Breast implants are either filled with saline or silicone. In this case, breast implants of saline are inserted into the body empty and then sterile salt water is filled into it. On the other hand, for silicone breast implants, a thick gel, which feels like the real breast tissue, is used to pre-fill them. Some women prefer the silicone’s natural feel, but to have this procedure done, most often need a periodic screening test of MRI for checking the implants. Saline breast implant procedure is economical and usually may do through a quite smaller incision. Additionally, no extra screening is required rather than just the usual routine mammograms of breast screening.

Your Preferred Breast Size

breastBefore considering breast augmentation, you must have set certain goals and expectations. Make sure during your initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, your expectations and goals are fully addressed. You can come with pictures of breast size you would like to have after the surgery and with that kind of consultation, will definitely assist both of you arrive on the size and type of implant required to meet your expectations and achieve your goals. A good doctor will offer to place different sizes of breast implants in your bra to help you visualize how you’ll look after the surgery is concluded. Some prefer more significant breast augmentation while others opt for a proportional breast size.

The Kind of Incision You Want

The type of an incision you want is yet another important factor to consider. Basically, there are three types of incisions surgeons use to insert implants. These include under your breast crease, nipple, and the armpit. However, in some cases, belly button (TUBA) is used to insert saline breast implants. A good surgeon will explain to you the pros and cons results from different surgical options and thus helping you to choose the right incision for you.

Conclusively, choosing to have a breast augmentation is entirely an individual decision. It’s important to consult with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon for a professional advice before considering your preferred option.



Breast Enlargement

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Potential Risks of Anesthesia in Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries


Serious complication during a cosmetic plastic surgery is statistically very rare. But you must understand and take into account certain points when you are considering cosmetic surgery.

breastsThe first consideration is that only a few patients attending a consultation presented are acceptable risk for cosmetic surgery, and that there are two areas of potential risk. The first is the risk of the surgery itself and the second is the anesthesia.

On the risks that may occur during surgical procedures. No cosmetic surgery is recommended in some patients, because their expectations do not match the real odds of success. For example, a patient who has had three previous procedures like Rhinoplasty and still not satisfied with the result generates a certain risk when trying an additional procedure of rhinoplasty. Even if your dissatisfaction is acceptable, the patient must understand that if they made three attempts and still objectives were not achieved and it may not be achieved still in the following procedure. If the odds are not favorable, you should see another plastic surgery.

Sometimes, nonsurgical procedures are recommended such as filler injections or medications that will help reduce a portion of the skin if the skin is contributing to the problem. Yet another visit to a cosmetic plastic surgeon may still have little success, especially if it is determined that it is the need for tissue graft.

Another case of risk of a surgical procedure are bad habits that patients have. These can influence when taking into account the potential complications when a plastic surgery. Cigarette smoking is one of the greatest enemies especially when there has been a face lift or neck lift kind of procedure done.

The main risk of any operation, whether cosmetic plastic surgery or a medical procedure such as those performed by general surgeons, is always the risk of anesthesia. Now, remember, if the patient has a serious medical condition and requires a necessary medical procedure, you must accept the risk of anesthesia. But elective cosmetic plastic surgery should be performed only on those who have few medical problems that could have a severe effect on anesthesia.

Breast EnlargementCigarette addiction has an impact on anesthesia but is not a reason to stop having surgical procedure if deemed necessary. However, if a patient has a significant hepatic dysfunction, perhaps because of a long history of drug or drug ingestion, then the use of anesthesia is not for you. Also, heart disease make potential patients not eligible for a plastic surgery.

To reduce the risk of a complications when using anesthesia, you have to do a complete physical examination by the attending physician or specialist before any cosmetic plastic surgery involving anesthesia is done. The patients age, physical examination in addition to standard blood tests, an EKG or chest x-ray or other studies necessary should be analyzed thoroughly including a list of all medications that the patient is taking before plastic surgery both prescription and non-prescription. If there is even a question about a possible risk before the use of anesthesia, the plastic surgeon, the anesthesiologist and staff involved in the surgery should discuss and prepare before you are in the surgery room.